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if we date im literally stealing all your sweatpants and hoodies

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my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”

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Zoe Kravitz & mother Lisa Bonet 

Lisa didn’t age gracefully

are you okay ? ^ 

i can’t believe I just read those words

If it was any more graceful it would be reverse aging.

I hate to agree but no, she hasn’t aged very gracefully. Hey, she’s still gorgeous.

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the two most wonderful types of boys. 

1. Well dressed

2. Not dressed

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10 food tricks/ideas

More facts on Ultrafacts!

What kind of monster makes walking tacos with fritos?


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Last night I started thinking…

I had a conversation with my mom who lost one of her brothers about 20 years ago and how it’s affected her ever since.

I told her I don’t know what i’d do if something happened to one of my brothers (I have four older bros) and it actually gets me emotional thinking about that being so one day. I actually had to cut the convo because it was really hard for me to fathom such a thing.

It just so happens that I was going to visit my brother and his newborn son tomorrow, when I get a call from him in the wee hours of the morning today telling me that his apartment went up in flames.

Its was surreal hearing that. I’m just glad that he and his family got out A-OK. It’s funny how life is sometimes, I was telling my mother last night as we were talking that it’s amazing having so many people to love in your life, but terribly frightening at the same time because somewhere, something can happen to them in a blink.

I’ve been getting these sorts of inklings lately. It’s interesting. 

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did rapunzel just walk out of my dash

I almost scrolled past this

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Childish Gambino - “Sweatpants” Music Video

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"The scale cannot tell the difference between fat, muscle and water weight."

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Please reblog so people will know. 


Please reblog so people will know. 

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Lupita Nyong’o at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, April 13

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"I already saw that on Tumblr."
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Jung Hoyeon for Fayewoo Spring 2014 collection


Jung Hoyeon for Fayewoo Spring 2014 collection

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